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Our Mission: Safe farms - Safe families!

MFWD is committed to the education and promotion of health, safety and wellness in farming communities across Manitoba. It is our goal to reduce and prevent agricultural injuries and fatalities through increase in farm safety education and knowledge of safe farming practices.


Board of Directors

Dawn Minne Chair

Box 157

Waskada, MB

R0M 2E0


Phone: 204-673-2432

Cell: 204-522-6070

Email: rdminne@mts.net

Derek Armstrong Vice Chair

Box 1807

Carman, MB

R0G 0J0

Phone: 204-745-3337

Email: armstrong@mts.net

Jill Stafford Secretary/


Box 304

Elm Creek, MB

R0G 0N0

Phone: 204-436-2375

Email: jcstafford@mts.net

Ron Minne Director at Large

Box 157

Waskada, MB

R0M 2E0


Phone: 204-673-2432

Cell: 204-522-6070

Email: rdminne@mts.net

Danny Loewen

Director at Large

RR# 2

Grandview, MB

R0L 0Y0

Phone: 204-546-3265

Cell: 204-572-5250

Email: dkloewen@gmail.com

How do we finance our work?

Our work and efforts are made possible by you! We could not function without the support of private donations, sponsorships from committed businesses, gift-in-kind contributions and the many, many dedicated hours put in by our members and volunteers.

Please continue to give! Your support and feedback provides us the knowledge and tools needed to reach as many people as possible and spread our message.

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You can also set up a monthly donation by selecting the option during your donation process. Your charitable receipt will be issued promptly.

To learn more about MFWD please email info@mfwd.ca or call (204) 436-3181

How Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities (MFWD) began

In 1989 a group of farm families met together to share their experiences on how they managed to continue farming after a serious injury and/or loss of a limb. They all shared the experience first-hand how the loss of a loved one due to a farming incident, or a lifetime of coping with a disability affect the whole family. They wanted to get the message out so that it wouldn’t happen to others. They began to meet regularly to help encourage each other, share stories and learn how to cope with their injuries and continue farming as they’ve done before.

Over the coming years, the group began receiving requests to speak at public engagements and local schools about farm safety. They shared their stories on how their injuries happened and how they began modifying their own farm tools to perform the same tasks they had done before.

As the group shared their experiences with more people, they found that there was a growing need for taking farm safety more seriously. In order to help prevent similar experiences such as theirs from happening to others, they worked to become a resource center for Health and Safety. In November of 1998, based out of Elm Creek, Manitoba, they formed the Board of Directors and hired a employee to oversee the events and fundraising of the organization.

MFWD is a registered non-profit organization, whose purpose is to create and promote initiatives, education and awareness for the Agriculture community. With the help from our active members from across Manitoba, they are working to improve the educational programs and workshops to help farm families and their agri-business.




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