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Peer Counseling

After someone has been involved in a farm related incident or loss of a limb due to illness, it is important to seek support. It is helpful to talk to someone who cares and understands what you’re going through! Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities is committed to helping others.

If you or someone in your family has had a serious farming incident, please call us. Our organization has caring members who understand the overwhelming emotions that arise after a long-term illness or injury. Please call 204-436-3181 or email info@mfwd.ca  Someone will get back to you.



After a serious injury or illness, a person may experience symptoms of: 

  • Overwhelming guilt

  • Issues of acceptance

  • Inability to communicate with family and friends



An important part of the healing process is being able to talk about your situation with someone who will listen and understand. Someone who perhaps has gone through the same experience.

  • We Care

  • We take time for you and your family

  • We are here to listen.


“I didn’t know how I was going to manage the farm after losing my hand in a combine accident. I thought I’d be letting my family down if I told them how I felt. Then someone from Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities came to visit me and help me through that difficult time.”  - Manitoba farmer.


Library Resources







Agricultural Tools, Equipment, Machinery & Buildings.

Making Career Decisions Following a Disability.

Conducting Agricultural Worksite Assessments.

The Tool Box.

Farm And Home Modifications.

Plow Share.



The Healthy Farmers, Health Communities Resource Kit:

The Resource Kit for farmers, farm family members and service providers. It was produced to help farmers affected by a serious injury, chronic disease, disability or aging to find the help they need to return to active work and daily life. 

Download The Resource Kit:

This is a PDF file - and you require Adobe Reader version 6.0 or above to view the files. Click Here To download Adobe Reader.  

High-Speed Internet....As one complete file

PLEASE NOTE: the file is very large (3.9mb) and, even with high-speed, will take 1-2 minutes to download

Dial-Up Internet....

If you have Dial-Up Internet, you can download the kit in several, smaller, sections. Please click the links below.


Assistive Tools Kit:

Together with sponsorship from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), we have been able to gather information from farmers across Manitoba on various assistive tools. There are a variety of modifications that have been made to help those with disabilities work productively in the agricultural industry and in the home. These ideas were provided by farmers just like you, who want to carry on farming.


Download The Assistive Tool Kit:

This is a PDF file - and you require Adobe Reader version 6.0 or above to view the files. Click Here To download Adobe Reader.







Farmer To Farmer.


I Didn't Think It Could Happen To Me.

Managing People On Your Farm.

Breathe Easy.

Safe Harvest: A Guide For Potato Farmers.

Farming With an Arm Amputation.

Freedom Lift.

Mowing Safety.

Tractor Roll Over And Rops.

Prairie Life Style.



Farmer To Farmer Video: "Don't think it can't happen to you."

As the group shared their experiences with more people, they found there was a growing need for taking farm safety more seriously. In order to help prevent similar experiences from happening to others, they worked to become a collaborative resource for health and safety issues.


This video tells the story of six farmers whose lives were dramatically affected by a moment of neglect. An accident can happen quickly with a lifetime of regret. Farm safety is key to building safe farming practices in all aspects of your agricultural business.


Farmer to Farmer offers a powerful message for farm families. This 16-minute video tells the personal story of how the accident happened and how their lives have changed forever.


We hope this video will be a realistic reminder of the importance of practicing farm safety. Most farm accidents could have been prevented. Too often farmers are aware of the dangers but choose to go ahead anyway. They think “It won’t happen to them!!”

PREVIEW the "Farmer to Farmer" video (These videos are optimized for dial-up internet.)

Download and view Long Preview (1,347 kb):

Preview is 3.5 minutes long, low resolution.

Download and view Short Preview (664 kb):

Preview is 52 seconds long, high resolution.

Save & View Later: Right click one of the links above, select Save Target As.. and select where you would like to download the file to.

ORDER the "Farmer to Farmer" video

The order form is available as an On-Line version and as a Printable version.


The "Farmer to Farmer"  video was produced by:

Rural Route Videos

Austin, Manitoba


This project was made possible

through support from:

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Canadian Coalition for Agriculture & Rural Health

Farm Credit Canada


Starbuck Credit Union

United Grain Growers

Manitoba Hydro

Friesen Printer’s Ltd.


Safety Colouring Book

“Safe Farms, Safe Families” 

To order copies, please contact us:

Phone: 1(204) 436-3181

Email: info@mfwd.ca






Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities is proud of their focus on farm safety education for children. Our goal is to support and advocate a culture of farm safety so that the whole family can learn proper     life-long safety habits.

The new Safety Colouring Book was launched in April 2008 and to date we have handed out over 20,000 copies to school children.

The “Safe Farms, Safe Families” colouring book is a educational tool for children to learn about the hazards on a family farm. As many will understand, the farm is a vast place for a young child to explore. Parents are invited to spend time going through the book and point out the dangerous areas and more importantly, how their child can stay safe.

Our organization would not have be able to finance this project without the support of our sponsors; Carman Area Foundation, Toews Printing & Office Supply in Carman, MacDon Industries and Monsanto. Our thanks to Justin Morison, who designed the book. Justin shared how growing up on a farm enabled him to draw from hands-on experience about farm safety. He says,” Working in the animation industry and running projects is a lot like working on the farm. In Spring, you invest time to seeding and nurturing the crops in hopes that harvest will bring a good return. The same can be said about the animation industry or any project.  A lot of time and investment goes into the ideas for a cartoon – “the seed”, then the development and production of that idea towards the end result.



Useful Links
www.ruralsupport.ca  - The Manitoba Farm & Rural Support Services (formerly the Manitoba Farm & Rural Stress Line) - Tips on Managing Stress

www.agriwellness.org - Articles on farmer wellness
www.progressiveag.org - Learn about the Safety Days programs in Manitoba
www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/farmsafety - Get information on Farm Safety Training, Safe Farm Check Program and Creating Safe Play Areas

www.gov.mb.ca/healthyliving/farmsafety - Information on Safe Play Areas Development Grants

http://t-wt1.webs.com - One of our members has a website featuring a tractor he adapted for use with a wheelchair. More information, as well as pictures of the chair lift and tractor, can be found on Doug Barker's website.





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